Linda's training and conference programs:

Linda speaks to business, bank and credit union audiences. General and break-out sessions and workshops will be designed and delivered based on the needs of you and your participants.

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Training and Workshop Descriptions

Tax Return Analysis in a Tough Lending Environment
(Lenders/Underwriters.)     Read the full description

Financial Statement Analysis: Understanding the Business Scorecard
(Lenders/Underwriters and Busn. Owner/Managers)     Read the full description

Conference programs

General audiences

Navigating through Challenge and Change: Stay in the Boat!
(Gen'l Audiences)     Read the full description 

Lending professionals

Tax Return Analysis: When the Numbers Say 'No' but Good Judgment Says 'Yes'
(Lenders and Lending Management)     Read the full description

Self-employed Borrowers in Rough Waters:
How to Say YES

(Lenders and Lending Management)     Read the full description


Finance 2.0 for Directors:
Move beyond Check-the-Box to Good Governance

(Bank and CU Mgmt., Directors, Supv. Committee)     Read the full description

Calm Seas or Rough Waters:
The Ten Essentials for Director Success

(BOD Audiences)     Read the full description

What Did you Get Yourself Into?
Responsibilities of Board Members in the 'New Normal'

(BOD Audiences)     Read the full description